Does it Matter What Dogs Sleep On?

Dogs don’t ask for much. Some good kibble, exercise, checkups, and most of all—good lovin’. If your pooch is like most, it’s clear that when you come home, the Center of the Universe has arrived. (Even if you’ve been gone half an hour.)

Because most dogs are so grateful and undemanding, it’s easy to take for granted how they’ll plop down anywhere comfy for a snooze. Add a beam of sunlight or nearby trusted human, and they’re ready to dream. Nothing’s more peaceful than a dozing dog.

Canine Cancer on the Rise

Peaceful—but vulnerable, too. Although cancer’s causes have been studied much less in animals than in humans, there is evidence that the same environmental chemicals that raise human risks of cancer have similar effects in dogs. Smokers’ dogs are more likely to develop nasal or lung tumors, for example. And pesticides in common use cause lymphomas in dogs.

Because dogs live on the floor (okay, also the couch—You Know Who You Are)—they routinely take in much more of a common household hazard than people do. Ordinary house dust absorbs whatever chemicals are released in the home, including carcinogenic and hormone-altering ones. Regular micro-exposures to these toxins create serious health risks over time. Hmm. So when was the last time you sniffed the baseboards or licked the floor?

If you opt for a natural mattress to avoid flame retardants, pesticides, and similar chemicals in your own bedroom, you might want to offer your dog a safer bed, too.

Savvy Snoozin’

The cheap foams, chemically-treated fillings, and synthetic fabrics used to make most pet beds are no different than those in most conventional mattresses for humans—except that they’re even less likely to be adequately tested for safety.

Fortunately, there’s another option. The Savvy Doggy bed (and Savvy Kitty cat bed, too) are made from the same high-quality materials we use to make organic mattresses for people—just natural latex foam, organic cotton, and a zipper.

Next time your dog crashes for a snooze, you’ll feel better about it. And if you see that tail wagging in a dream...your pooch might be saying "Thank you!".