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The Benefits of Switching to Non-toxic Pet Supplies

Our pets are members of our families and we want the best for them so they can live long, happy lives. Think of the amount of time your pet spends with toys in his or her mouth. Think of the amount of time your pet spends sleeping on his or her dog or cat bed, breathing in the chemicals that were used to make the bed. Over the course of a lifetime, imagine the impact the chemicals have on your pet’s body. We did and that’s why we started Natural Healthy Pets: to help protect our pets with non-toxic pet supplies and give them the opportunity for a healthy, happy life!

Why Should Your Pet Sleep on Organic Cotton Dog Beds and Cat Beds vs. Pet Beds that Contain Chemically Treated Cotton?

One of the most important elements to consider when purchasing a dog bed or cat bed for your pet is whether or not the bed contains organic materials such as organic cotton. These essentials in the bedroom can make the difference between poor disruptive sleep and restful energizing sleep. But why is the use of organic cotton in a dog bed or cat bed better than conventional cotton? The big difference can be traced back to the cotton growing and treatment process.

Bedding made out of organic cotton is sourced and harvested in a nutrient rich soil that eliminates the use of toxic pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides. This growing method allows cotton plants to flourish naturally, leaving cotton flowers to remain plush and soft to the touch.

In contrast, treated cotton is grown using pesticides and treated in textile manufacturing using a toxic chemical cocktail that can remain in pet beds through the lifetime of the product. These are the same chemicals your dog or cat would breathe in and possibly ingest.

Why are Organic Cotton Dog Beds, Cat Beds and Sustainable Pet Products Better for the Environment?

Natural Healthy Pets values the protection of your pet’s health and the environment. If you are still wondering about why switching to organic cotton is better for the health of your dog or cat, consider the effects that pet products have on the environment. Purchasing a dog bed or cat bed made out of chemically treated cotton not only seeps into your skin, but the soil and groundwater systems as well. Environmental exposure to these toxic pesticides and textile chemical treatments occurs when you wash or throw away pet products. Every time you wash your chemically treated washable dog bed or cat bed, chemicals run off into water treatment facilities where they can be difficult to remove from municipal drinking water.

Natural Healthy Pets believes that the protection of pets and human health and natural resources are the top reasons why buying organic cotton mattresses and bedding products is a superior choice over chemically treated cotton.

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